Howlite Tumble
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Howlite Tumble

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  • Chakra(s): Third-Eye, Crown and Throat
  • Element: Earth
  • Planet: Earth
  • Zodiac: Virgo

Howlite is the gift of wisdom and enlightenment. When holding Howlite it will remove your veil and reveal to you the truths that have been blocked in your life. During meditation, holding Howlite will guide you in a serenity of mind and remove any distractions from your life/vision.

Howlite also can assist with your emotions giving you peace and happiness in your life. If you suffer from anxiety and stress, Howlite is always there to help as it is a very strong calming crystal.

Each piece is approximately 20mm to 25mm.

Please know that crystals and stones are spiritual supports to healing and are metaphysical in nature. All of the information contained within this website does not substitute for the diagnosis and treatment of medical conditions by physicians or other qualified healthcare providers. Click here for more information.

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