Crystal of the week: Selenite

Crystal of the week: Selenite

Welcome back to this weeks post of crystal of the week. Who is excited for this weeks blog post as much as I am?
Because this weeks crystal is: Selenite
Selenite received its name from the Greek goddess of the moon, Selene. This beautiful stone is from hydrous calcium sulfate. This mineral belongs to the family of gypsum crystals. Selenite is easy to see when it reflects light, often looking as if a rock has fallen directly from the moon.
Selenite crystals are most commonly found in the USA, Mexico, Poland, Russia, Greece, Japan, Australia, Argentina and Brazil. They can be most commonly found in clay beds, or around hot spring areas. Selenite healing properties flow in a way similar to water. This crystal can be found in 3 forms: Green Selenite, Orange Selenite and Selenite Desert Rose.
Selenite is a crystal mainly used for energy cleansing, meditation and healing. Selenite wands in particular are used for its protective energy from the angelic realm to clear and shield your body, these are most commonly used during mediation by simply holding Selenite above the head during meditation to cleanse, clear and balance all the chakras.
It is related to peace, purity, and higher consciousness, and is often used to assist with meditation and astral projection.

Selenite is a wonderful crystal for women as it will bring radiance and harmony, and support through all cycles of life. Most woman tend to wear Selenite in jewellery to attract love, fertility, and to maintain fidelity. Also to calm throughout pregnancy and motherhood. Selenite can also enhance chances of reconnection. Simply send a small piece to someone with whom you wish to reconnect with.

This crystal is very essential to have in your home as it can dispel negative energy when used in grids to protect your home environment. Selenite is ideal for creating your own space and provides the room with an uplifting environment protected from outside influences. Simply place Selenite indoors in the corners of a house or room, or in the workplace.

Also use Selenite eggs or clusters to protect from outside negativity, especially at night. Give a sphere to children who fear the dark and explain how moon rays are captured within the crystals and will shine on them as they sleep.

Use Selenite to decrease shyness and reserve in one’s professional life, and to aid in materialistic pursuits related to business and making a profit. It fosters harmonious partnerships, and brings insight and good judgment during disagreements or negotiations.
Chakra(s): Third-Eye, Crown and Soul Star
Zodiac: Taurus
Element: Water
Planet: Moon
Meaning: Healing, Power, Protection
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I hope this weeks crystal of the week taught you more about Selenite and you've taken away something from this blog post.
Have a wonderful week and see you back here, same time, next week for a new crystal of the week.
With love and blessings,
Renee xx
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