Crystal of the week: Fluorite

Crystal of the week: Fluorite

Hello little gems!

Welcome backkkkkkk to another week of crystal of the week! I hope you enjoy this week’s crystal, which is: Fluorite

Known as the “Genius Stone,” it is said that Fluorite is one of the most collectible and highly sources crystal in the world. Fluorite often occurs with other common minerals, including Quartz and Calcite, this makes it an excellent healing crystal for its overall cleansing and purifying properties.

This beautiful and luminous crystal is often notices by its soft and glassy colouring. This crystal resonates with the human mind like no other crystal does. So, in saying that it carries a calm energy and supports spirituality and thought, focus and concentration, and balance in all aspects of one’s life.

Fluorite forms in many colour varieties, and while each manifests its abilities in different ways, all serve the mental body, brain and energetic levels. 

Purple (Violet) Fluorite is the most peaceful of the Fluorites, dedicated to the devotional aspects of the mind that connect with Spirit. Stimulating the Third Eye Chakra Fluorite helps bring a logical and conscious awareness of the mental processes and how one thinks. Purple Fluorite is a stone of protection, it is said that the longer you have it the more protection you’ll get.

It is also known as the “dream crystal” as it defends one from evil spirits and bad dreams. Purple Fluorite also helps with relieving stress, spiritual discomfort, and physical blockages.

Blue Fluorite connecting to the Third Eye and Throat Chakras, it is an amazing talisman for very organised people who do a lot of record keeping. It also inspires honesty, a sense of justice, and helps those to let go of obsessions, frustrations and disappointments. Blue Fluorite is an ideal stone for spiritual awakening.

Clear (Colourless) Fluorite is a mental clarity stone, stimulating to the Crown Chakra. It cleanses and energises the mind, spirit and aura. Clear Fluorite amplifies the energies of all other stones and is excellent for crystal grid layouts. It may also be used to align all of the chakras, bringing universal energy into the physical body.

Green Fluorite is the freshness to all chakras stone. It is highly beneficial for removing negative energy from the environment. It helps those to inspire new ideas, originality and quick thinking. Green Fluorite helps makes sure that certain thoughts, words and actions are aligned with their true purpose.

Rainbow Fluorite displays multiple bands of varying hues of Fluorite. It is best used for overall cleansing and activating all chakras. Meditating with this crystal can help reveal the truth of a relationship and is marvellous for releasing suppressed emotions and facilitating life changes. Helping to calm a chaotic mind and freethinking, flexibility, and freedom of choice.

Yellow (Golden) Fluorite is a known as the crystal of unity, intellect and creativity. Working alongside the Solar Plexus Chakra this crystal helps with ensuring one’s ideas and goals become a reality. Also, it helps to promote a positive outlook on life and demonstrates the connection of love among and between all that exists.

Fluorite is a wonderful healing stone that is very gentle and soothing. This crystal enables clarity and stillness of mind and is an excellent crystal for meditation and natural healing. Fluorite also cleans the aura of any negative energy.

Chakra(s): All
Meaning: Power, healing, protection and grounding
Thank you for reading this weeks crystal of the week and I hope to see you back here at the same time next week.
With love and blessings,
Renee xx
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