Lemon Chrysoprase A-Grade Tumble
Lemon Chrysoprase A-Grade Tumble
Moonlight Crystals

Lemon Chrysoprase A-Grade Tumble

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  • Chakra(s): Sacral, solar plexus and heart
  • Zodiac: Libra
  • Element: Water and Earth
  • Meaning: Hope, healing, love and protection

 Lemon Chrysoprase, also known as Citron Chrysoprase, is often tumble polished, yet resembles porcelain. Lemon Chrysoprase is an inspiration stone. Artists and designers all over the world use this stone to help with ideas and gives the guidance into a new direction in life. Lemon Chrysoprase is also great for anyone dealing/suffering with/from an eating disorder, as it promotes the natural instinct of eating and drinking. It will transform one back into a healthy physical state.

Each piece is approximately 10mm to 20mm.

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