Crystal Energy Healing
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Crystal Energy Healing

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What is Crystal Energy Healing?
I am an Amethyst Luna Rose Certified Crystal Healer, which combines energy healing with the use of crystals. Crystal energy healing is a metaphysical and spiritual approach that involves balancing and restoring your body’s subtle energies for the purposes of increasing vitality, strengthening your intuitive and mental capacities, and optimising your overall health.
The techniques you will be experiencing trace back to ancient spiritual traditions, and they also incorporate modern knowledge. The system I will be using does not require following a specific set of beliefs or practices.

Your Energy Field
Einstein’s famous formula, e=mc2, changed the course of history by showing that everything is energy. This includes your physical body. It has been proven that your body’s magnetic fields hold information about past and current events that have happened throughout your entire life, and you may still be holding onto them in your magnetic fields.

Enhancing/Balancing Your Body’s Energies
Subtle energies are called “subtle” because they are not easily detected, but have been referred to throughout history and different cultures. You may have already heard about subtle energies as “life force,” “chi,” “meridians,” “chakras,” “biofields,” or “auras.”
The Amethyst Luna Rose Crystal Energy Healing technique I will use incorporates healing dense/heavy energy within your chakras and entire biofield. I will utilise placement of healing crystals on different parts of your body.
Please be advised that the crystal energy healings take place within my home.
Some energy healings may take over 60 minutes.
Location: Porirua, Wellington

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