Aura Quartz Sphere #1
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Aura Quartz Sphere #1

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This Aura Sphere is made up of Clear Quartz, Gold and Aquamarine which has been bonded with platinum or silver to give it the perfect vibrant and magnificent colour. This cluster removes all negativity on many levels and activates the healing powers of other crystals. 

Not many people can resist the beauty of Aura Quartz crystals with their shimmering iridescence and metallic rainbow sheen. This crystal will protect a person from negativity of any energy that one may come in contact with. Be sure not to expose it to water or direct sunlight, as the colour will fade.

These stunning aura quartz sphere are super-charged to align with your chakras. So, meditate with the sphere to activate the corresponding chakra.

Approximate weight and size:

  • Weight: 15g
  • Size: 20mm

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